what a rotten thing indeed

in a universe there is a me hunched over a piece of paper constantly performing differentiation, getting every problem wrong, and talking to myself. either there’s one out there or it’s right here.


it shouldn’t be a prison but it certainly shouldn’t be a vacation.

"if life were easy and not so fast, I wouldn’t think about the past"

it was under the guise of my mom, but i gave up. hopefully i’ll have better luck closer to where I started

time to apply for that thing lots of people recommend :))

time to apply for that thing lots of people recommend :))

first greatest birthday; what i needed to hear

five words that made me so happy for the new year: babe, I might like phish.

You are a

You are a

He fell upon the seat, she by his side. There were no more words. The stars were beginning to shine. How was it that their lips met? How is it that the bird sing, that the snow melts, that the rose opens, that May blooms, that the dawn whitens behind the black trees on the shivering summit of the hills?
Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
She’s the worst